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Week 34 (sorry was supposed to post last week)

I cannot believe I have reached week 34 and in a few weeks we get to meet our princess.  As we are getting closer to her due date I have realised the nerves and apprehension I was feeling are slowly disappearing and turning into excitement. I spend a lot of time wondering what she will look like, if she will take the brunette hair from Ryan or the blonde hair from me or as my sister mentioned yesterday maybe she takes a mixture of both and ends up being a ginger. I can’t keep myself from looking at all the little clothes hanging in the cupboard and imagine what she will look like in them. Ok enough of the mushy gushy stuff here are a few updates …

Weight gain/Measurements: I was weighing 64.1kgs at my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday so I have picked up in the region 7kgs which I don’t think is too bad. The ever-growing belly is now measuring 98cm around the widest part.

Symptoms: The usual third trimester symptoms are out in full force. I have been battling with back ache for a few weeks now (good excuse for a good back rub), which is making sitting for 8 hours a day a bit difficult. I started getting cramps in my legs this week so on a few occasions I have had to have Ryan come and rescue me from a position I can’t get out of and finally I am struggling a bit with acid reflux and heartburn. I can’t really complain because I have so far had a very easy pregnancy and really loving it.

Sleep: At the moment I LOVE sleep. Managing to sleep very well in between my 3 hourly bathroom visits. Lets hope this lasts a few more weeks before we have a newborn in the house and don’t get much sleep.

Cravings: still no real cravings – beginning to think this is an excuse for pregnant ladies to eat what they want when they want.

Mood: I am feeling very happy at the moment. No crazy hormonal moments to report.

Baby update: Our munchkin is growing nicely and weighing about 2.4kgs already which is bang on an average baby’s weight at this stage. She is lying with her head down but is pretty curled up at this stage. I am feeling lots of movement and he is giving me some strong kicks in the ribs.

Best Moment since last post:  I had my baby shower 2 weekends ago. We were completely spoilt and I am still totally overwhelmed at how loved our little girl is already. It has been so much fun looking at all the bits and pieces we got.


Week 30 … 10 weeks to go …

My 30 week bump …

Bump 30 weeks

Time seems to be flying and we are already 2 weeks into the third and final trimester. I have accomplished quite a bit in the last few weeks on the baby front but still feeling very under prepared. The spare room has finally started being turned into the baby room – the painting is done and the cot and compactum have been delivered and are in the room. We bought the pram at the Baby Expo in Sandton in March which is sitting at my mom’s house. So things are definitely getting prepared to meet our little princess but still have lists of stuff to sort out in the next few weeks.

A couple of updates from my side:

Weight gain/Measurements: weight at my doctor’s appointment yesterday was 63.1kgs. Belly is now measuring 95cm around the widest part.

Symptoms: No major symptoms to report. My body seems to be adjusting to its new shape and with it I am getting the odd ache and pain especially in my right bum cheek. The doctor says it is because my pelvis is taking strain with the added weight in the front however it is to be expected. Other than that you can really see I am pregnant now and absolutely LOVING my belly. She is very active and I am feeling a number of movements throughout the day. Our munchkin loves the sound of Ryan’s voice and tends to give a good few movements if Ryan speaks to my bump. I am starting to get more tired and feel quite exhausted most days in the evenings … I don’t manage to get through any TV shows at the moment without falling asleep on the couch.

Sleep: Still managing to sleep well as long as I have a pillow tucked in between my legs.

Cravings: no real cravings at the moment although I am starting to miss eating sushi.

Mood: Feeling pretty relaxed about being pregnant now and getting more excited by the day to meet our little princess.

Baby update: She is growing and gaining weight nicely. She weighed 1.7kgs at yesterday’s appointment (more than doubled since our last doctor’s appointment 4 weeks ago where she was weighing 840g). The doctor seems happy with her progress and all her measurements are correct according to her age.

Best Moment since last post: Definitely our 4D scan – see the picture I have included. I instantly fell in love when I saw her little face and I am completely besotted with her already.

We have started antenatal classes – we have covered both C-sections and natural birth already. Think with everything happening everything is starting to feel very real …

our beautiful princess