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20 weeks down … 20 to go!

20 weeks down … 20 to go!

I have finally hit the halfway mark milestone in my pregnancy. In some instances it has felt like time is at a standstill and in other instances time seems to be flying. I have in the last few days had a few panicky moments when I realise that I most likely do not actually have 20 weeks left of this pregnancy and have got lots to sort out including writing a list of things I need to sort out.

So here is a quick update

Weight gain/Measurements: I have picked up about 2kgs since I fell pregnant – my weight does seem to fluctuate from day to day so will check again when I go to the doctor in 2 weeks. My belly is measuring 85cm around the biggest point (and growing every day)

Symptoms: The tiredness seems to have eased a bit but has been replaced with being constantly hungry. The “unusual” feelings of having a tiny human growing inside me also continue but they are a constant reminder of the miracle that happens during 9 months of pregnancy. My tummy seems to be growing every day and with that an ever growing battle to find clothes in my cupboard that actually fit. I am starting to enjoy having a belly and finding myself wishing a bigger belly every day. Ballet seems to be slowly becoming a battle – my balance seems to be non-existent and certain moves just don’t seem “right” anymore. I am going to try continuing doing ballet as far as I can but doing less and less as the pregnancy continues.

Sleep: I am getting used to sleeping on my side and not finding sleep too much of a problem at the moment – let’s hope it stays that way for a bit.

Cravings: I still can’t get enough of sweet things – I recently discovered Woolies “on the go” brownies which I believe were made especially to satisfy these sweet cravings I have been getting. The only problem is they only come in packs of one and when I have demolished one then I need another one. When the doctor moans at me about my glucose levels next time I visit I will ask him if he has ever tried the brownies and that will answer his question.

Mood: I am in a pretty good mood at the moment – content with how my pregnancy is progressing and not being too much of a “preggyzilla”.

Best Moment since last post: we found out we are expecting a little girl. We have been lucky to already been receiving prezzies and our spare room is slowly starting to fill up with various shades of pink outfits and bits and pieces.


18 weeks and counting …

Weight gain/Measurement: still haven’t picked up any weight.

Symptoms: I am still extremely tired ALL THE TIME – think this is a secret pregnancy symptom designed to give you a taste of things to come when your baby is born. My belly is starting to grow which is exciting because now I have a constant reminder every time I try zip up my pants that I am pregnant (yes it is easier than you think to forget you are pregnant). With the growing belly has come a few more cramps and “feelings” I am not used to and cannot describe but I think these just get taken with a pinch of salt when you think of how the baby starts out as a tiny pinprick sized single cell and grows so much in 40 weeks.

Sleep: sleep is a tricky one all of a sudden – I have read from 16 weeks you are not supposed to sleep on your tummy, well as a tummy sleeper this is impossible so I keep waking myself up to make sure I am sleeping on my side. I think it is time to add a pregnancy pillow to my ever-growing list of things I need to get. They say (whoever they are) that the pregnancy pillows are one of the best things to buy especially for the last few weeks when you have a really big belly.

Cravings: I got my first real craving last week – for cake! For those of you who know me I bake and decorate cakes as a hobby so it’s usually the last thing I feel like eating. This baby has other ideas about eating healthy because the cravings for cakes, biscuits and sweets keep coming. The old wife’s tale says if you crave sweet things then it is a girls but let’s see what the doctor says tomorrow.

Mood: I will admit I am overly tired and stressed because we moved house on Saturday which is resulting in one very moody and emotional person. I am however relieved the move is over and once the house is sorted I can start thinking about the next exciting chapter in our lives. It’s exciting we are now in our house – the one in which we get to raise our baby.

Best Moment since last post:  Mom and dad got back from Saturday from New York bearing baby gifts – yippppeee. So now we have a stylish little baba in the making with baby gap baby grows and a rocking moose (yes you read that right – rocking horses are so last season)

Tomorrow we are going to the doctor for a check-up and will hopefully find out what gender this belly bean is. So let me know what you think …

our BIG news …


So I know I haven’t written a post in what seems like AGES but so much has happened …


Ryan and I decided to wait until 12 weeks to announce it to the world however after telling the parents and siblings we decided to delay the big announcement by a few weeks and let the rest of the world know after the next scan which happened to be at 14 weeks (14 weeks eventually became 15 weeks). I am safely through the 1st trimester and already in the second trimester … time flies when you having fun (and no morning sickness).

So to sum up the experience so far:
Weight gain/Measurement: I have actually lost weight – seems I have lost about 5kg so far. Putting it down to not feeling like eating and feeling bloated all the time

Symptoms: Luckily I have so far managed to beat the dreaded morning sickness (maybe I shouldn’t speak to soon but I have now reached my second trimester so hopefully I will be one of the “lucky ones”). I have been tired since week 5 and am still tried – cannot keep my eyes open past about 19h30 so poor Ryan is dealing with not managing to get through a whole episode of any TV show at the moment without having to re watch it the next night. I am constantly bloated and my digestive system doesn’t know if it’s coming or going. I had really bad tummy cramps in the first few weeks which worried the s*@T out of me but those seemed to have eased up a bit. Seems IBS and pregnancy don’t go hand in hand but I am assured that it will all be worth it in the end (and I don’t doubt that). Another pregnancy symptom which is affecting me is headaches – day after day I am battling with a sore head but one again I remind myself I am extremely lucky to have so far escaped having my head over the toilet.

Sleep: well as mentioned all I want to do is sleep and if I could I would. The only things so far that has changed with my sleep pattern is I get more sleep then I used to however I do have to get up during the night to have a wee (that too is something I better get used to).

Cravings: no strange combinations yet – I actually have food aversions. I have cooked many a plate of food so far where I have taken one bite and the rest has gone in the bin.

Mood: I will admit I am moody – pregnancy hormones are not ones to be messed with. One minute I am happy and the next grumpy … going to owe Ryan plenty of steaks when this is all done. I am quite anxious about everything and still scared something goes wrong but sure as the weeks pass things will get better.

Best Moment so far: definitely the 14 week scan on the 6th of Jan. We got to see the tiny hands and feet – will post pics on a separate post Hope this gives you a better idea of what is going on in Ryan, mine and the belly beans life (or bento box as my sister is calling “it)!