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and so the greatest journey of our lives begins …

This idea for a blog popped into my mind after coming back from Clicks Pharmacy about 6 weeks ago with a  pill box filled with 60 5mg little folic acid tablets.  So in case the folic acid wasn’t a big enough clue into why I am writing this blog … yes Ryan (aka hubby) and I have decided it’s time to try turn 2 Forsythes into 3 .

In January I went for my yearly check up at the gynae – after going through the  usual awkward moments essential to checking up on the lady bits the doc looks at my file, looks at my ring finger and says “so you have been married for a bit yet … have you got any plans to have a baby?”. After the initial shock that he actually asked that question and a few moments of contemplation I said yes this may be the year. Before I knew it I was walking out with a referral letter to get my blood checked for German measles and a script for folic acid and instructions that a month before I go off the pill I must start taking 400mcg of folic acid.

I thought I would be an over achiever (as some may call it) and go get some folic acid 2 months before my pill script came to an end  at the end of June. I asked the pharmacist if I could have some folic acid and was given a box of 60 x 5mg tablets with a label that said take as necessary. This was my first problem – I didn’t realise that “mcg grams” and “mg grams” were not the same thing so I did the maths and worked out if I was going to get the recommended amount I would need to consume 80 tables a day – didn’t think my maths was wrong and decided to take 5 tablets twice a day and check with the pharmacist that they didn’t have 100mg tablets the next time I went.

Of course Ryan though that guzzling these pills down my throat may not be a good idea and suggested I do some research. My first point of call was back to the pharmacy – the girl doubled checked my maths on a calculator, chatted to one of her colleagues and come to the conclusion that I must take 20 tablets a day. She was quite convinced that was the correct amount and assured me that an over dose of folic acid would do no harm to my body in fact it would do wonders for my hair and nails.

At this point any doctor would probably be in hysterics – here is me guzzling down even more pills then I had previously waiting for my nails and hair to super-size all well making sure what ever folic acid does for “conception system” does its thing.

After searching the internet I finally discovered that 5mg is in fact equal to 5000mcg so it seems I clearly had been over dosing and 1 tablet a day is more than adequate (I do stand under correction if anyone wants to add more info). Continue reading and so the greatest journey of our lives begins …