Finally after making the scary decision my husband, Ryan and I have decided to start the next journey in our lives and to begin the baby making process.

picture.jpg <—-that’s us

My husband and I met while both working at HPC in 2007. A friendship and a ton of flirting from Ryan's side turned into a romance that resulted in us getting married in September 2010. Almost 3 years later after doing plenty of travelling, enjoying life as a married couple, getting to know each other even better etc we have decided it is time to turn 2 into 3. This blog is about the journey we face … who knows what the future holds but I am sure it will be an incredible journey that I want my friends, family and even strangers to share it with.

I have called this blog "howtomakeabellybean" not to give you a lesson in how to make a baby (I am sure you have realised that the stork doesn't bring a baby) but to share my trials, tribulations, thoughts, finds, etc etc on the whole process of making our family into a family of 3. I hope this journey is going to be stress free, painless, and exciting and look forward to sharing the process!


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