Week 22 … the weeks are beginning to fly.

As the weeks are starting to fly past now (a friend warned me that between 20 and 30 weeks’ time will fly) here is a little update the progress of my pregnancy.

Weight gain/Measurements: weight at the doctor’s appointment yesterday was 59.2 kgs. Belly is measuring 88cm around the widest part.

Symptoms: Tiredness seems to be the trend this week as well as patches of dizzy spells. I am feeling our baby move quite a bit especially after I have eaten supper and am lying on the couch. Ryan even managed to feel a bit of movement the other day which I think makes it start to feel very real for him. I developed a rash on Wednesday night which ended in a tip to the ER at Pretoria East Hospital at 23h00. The doctor said I had an allergic reaction to something – luckily after two injections in my bum it cleared quite quickly.

Sleep: sleep isn’t a problem – I just feel like I am never getting enough sleep. Battling to get out of bed most days and wish I could just sleep a few more hours (although this week long rain we have had probably isn’t helping).

Cravings: Haven’t been craving much over the last week or two. Still seem to be favouring sweet stuff but I am trying to behave myself with this one.

Mood: I seem to be feeling less emotional and less stressed as the weeks go on. Still know at the back of my mind that something can still go wrong but the endless worry that I had at the beginning of my pregnancy is at least gone. I am trying not to stress too much at work and taking the day as it comes.

Best Moment since last post:  There have been a couple of moments I have enjoyed. Firstly Ryan and I went on a tour of the labour and maternity wards at Pretoria East Hospital on the 22nd of February. I was really impressed with their facilities and quite content with having decided that’s where I will give birth. My mom and I went shopping at the Woolies sale that started on Tuesday. We have learnt that we are a bit clueless on what size of cloths to buy this munchkin but after sitting there counting the months and plenty of input from fellow shoppers we came home with a good choice of outfits in my eyes. Can’t wait until she makes her appearance in this world and I can dress her in them. We went to Dr Verwoed for a check-up yesterday (6 March) and all seems to be going great. 


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