Stress and TTC …

They (whoever “they” are) say that you shouldn’t stress while trying to fall pregnant but the more I am getting into the whole world of TTC (Trying to Conceive) the more I seem to worry about things that previously wouldn’t even get a second thought.

Take today as an example – I have a swollen gym that needed to be seen by a dentist.  Without even asking if I am pregnant the doctor whoops out his x-ray machine and takes an x-ray of my mouth. 1 injection and tons of mouth mangling later he starts scribbling on his script pad and hands me a script for an anti-biotic. This 15 minute appointment sends me into stress overload!

STRESS 1 – every time you go to the x-ray department there is always a sign … PLEASE TELL US IF YOU ARE PREGNANT!

STRESS 2 –  every website you visit that mentions the term TTC says that you should follow the same rules of pregnancy even when trying to fall pregnant i.e. don’t take unnecessary medicine and make sure you check with your doctor that the medicine you are taking is safe for your unborn baby.

So my stress comes into play because what happens if I am pregnant and don’t even know I am and I end up taking something that could harm the baby that I wouldn’t even know I am having yet?

Conclusion – back in the day when our moms were trying to make us they didn’t have access to all the info we have on the internet now so I am sure at least once they did something they weren’t supposed to when we were already in the making … and we all turned out fine! So I must stop stressing else I will never fall pregnant!

Conclusion 2 – I would rather go for a gynae appointment then go to the dentist and I am sure lots of women agree with me.


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